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Our Motto

Nest India Birding Tours aims at ensuring quality birding tours, covering the width and breadth of India as well as Andaman and Sri Lanka. Our forte lies in providing adventurous, informative, sociable and small-group birding expeditions within reasonable price ranges.

The art of bird watching & bird photography

India is a huge, colourful canvas filled with beautiful winged species which will leave anyone in awe and inspired. We want to spread this vibrancy and share awareness about these little, feathered beings – encouraging you to load that camera and click away at them. We engage experienced guides and local spotters who have good knowledge about bird photography and are great help to photographers. Our services also include providing bird hides and feeders to assist in taking close up shots of rare birds or to shoot professional wild photography.


Bird watching is a game of patience and perseverance. Add some excitement to this colourful adventure by getting on board with Nest India Birding tours. We will take you on an enriching and informative journey that will stay with you, through memories for lifetime. Our services and features will only leave you asking for more and come back to us… If you are planning for a bird watching trip or keen to engage in bird photography, especially in the scenic hubs of India or Sri Lanka, then look no further and allow us to give you the best experience ever in birding… But what makes us special? We can be vouched for: